Doggy Paddling Fun For Man's Best Friend

Taking your dog on your kayaking trip only adds to your relaxation on the water. You also get to see them having a nice time as well, and if they really love it, they will practically beg you to go. But there are a few tips to know before you take your dog on a kayak...:

  1. Practice With Them - If you have a pool, put your kayak in, then your dog. See if they are okay with it, and if they are, then you get in and see if they will stay or try to jump out. The earlier you can teach them, the better, of course. If they aren't very comfortable, then keep doing it to see if they will get used to it. If you don't have a pool, then try it in your yard instead.
  2. Train Them - If your dog is already trained to obey commands, then it will be much easier to direct them when you're in the kayak. Make sure they know how to 'sit' and 'stay' at the very least.
  3. Bathroom Duties -  You should pull up next to land so your dog can go to the bathroom and then get back in. Make sure to properly dispose of the waste wherever you can, and take an extra bag onto the boat just in case your dog has to go before you hit land.
  4. Breeds – Different breeds of dogs have a better temperament than others. You shouldn't take a very large dog onto a kayak because they can tip if over. Also, a dog that gets easily excited can be a problem too. When you practice with your dog, throw in some potential distractions and see if they'll stay in the boat or try to jump out.
  5. Food & Water – Make sure to bring adequate food and water for your boat mate. You don't want them trying to lick the river or lake water if it's salty or might have parasites.
  6. Life Jacket – Finally, put a life jacket on your dog while you're putting your own on, so you are both safe. You can also store a few extra things in their jacket as well. When you purchase the best inflatable kayak, make sure to also purchase all your safety equipment for yourself and your best friend. Good luck!