Top 5 Kayaks For Dogs

If you have a water-loving dog or dogs, there’s nothing better than regularly kayaking with them and seeing the excitement on their faces.. And whether you’re new to kayaking or have some experience with it, involving your dog in this sport is one of the best days to make them happy. Nevertheless, the big question is what is the best kayak to consider? Below are the top 5 dog-friendly kayaks that are ideal for your canine partner, in our opinions, for you to consider.


1. Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS


This is a great kayak for an adventure with your small dog, a watercraft that is well suited for different water conditions. The Sun Dolphin is a hybrid sit-in and sit-on top kayak, with an open and sunken cockpit, perfectly made to accommodate both you and your dog. The Bali SS is 10 feet long and is easy to enter and exit. It weighs 44 pounds and is capable of handling 250 pounds. Furthermore, it has an incorporated Portable Accessory Carrier, which can either be used as an extra storage compartment or a tow behind. Notably, it also has a spacious sitting area with protective thigh pads and adjustable foot braces, making for a more comfortable kayaking adventure.


2. Hobie Tandem Island



The Hobie Tandem Island is a spectacular kayak, well suited to guarantee a whole lot of fun for you and your dog. Its uses are practically limitless, ranging from day touring to sailing or even fishing. It's easy to set up with its dual rudder controls that make it effortless to navigate. By putting on the trampolines, that are sold separately, you can let your dog have the enjoyment of a lifetime as they will have plenty of room to stretch out. Moreover, its seats have sail-control and steering lines that can allow you learn how to sail. Together with massive storage  and great carrying capacity, the Hobie is able to comfortably carry you and your canine friend.


3. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two


The Ocean kayak is another ideal kayak to consider for your adventures with your dog. Its a very stable, durable kayak with easy maneuverability and a versatile deck with a maximum weight of 375 to 425 pounds and ideal for two kayakers with a dog or even a child. With its other features such as three molded in seat wells and handles, foot wells, gear straps and skin plates, this is definitely a great kayak to consider.


4. Lifetime Sport Fisher Single or Tandem Kayak



This is another excellent sit-on-top, hard shell kayak that can either be used as a tandem craft or a solo . Most suitable for fishing, its low and sturdy hull is perfectly designed for either standing or sitting sidesaddle, making your fishing easy due to its great tracking stability. Designed to accommodate up to three people, this is certainly a good option to take into consideration when you want to bring along a larger dog or two medium sized dogs.


5. Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Kayak

This is an elegant looking kayak that can hold 500 pounds, perfect for an adult and two larger dogs. It's very versatile and easy to transport, since it is a inflatable kayak. Moreover, it has two skegs at the bottom for better tracking.


When you take your dog/s out, just remember to bring water for them to drink and a snack. They can be affected by the sun too, so an all-day trip is not advisable. Make sure they have a life vest too, preferably one with a handle on the back so you can pick them up out of the water if they need to take a little swim to cool down. Have a great time with your best friend!